The Power of Mom

The Power of Mom

The Power of Mom

I have been challenged on instagram by @samarsakr and @emmwbenta to share a personal #thepowerofmom story. I may be on my way to motherhood, but I definitely haven’t discovered my own power yet! So instead, I’d like to share my mother’s superpower, that I think had the greatest impact on my life: The power of words and affection.

My mother never let a day go by where she wouldn’t tell me I was smart and I was beautiful. Actually she still does! If I had a little project, she’d make sure I’d follow through to the end and always praise my efforts. Even when it meant hosting a family funeral for my 3 imaginary friends! She never belittled me or dismissed my imagination. She would always tell me that one day I would take over the world! That kind of language makes a child feel invincible! I think the impact of her upbringing was most apparent when I moved to Beirut.

I moved to Beirut in 1997, days before my 11th birthday. Chubby (I’m being kind), with a head full of unruly curls and a British accent, I had every ingredient for the perfect Middle School disaster. But I never saw that awkward kid looking back at me in the mirror! That is #thepowerofmom

I left school that day with 3 play dates lined up, a Friday lunch plan at Hardee’s, and I had signed up to Theatre, MUN, Debate Club, Band (I still can’t play that bloody flute) and Volleyball (yup, still can’t catch a ball and I totally run like Phoebe)! But I did it. I did it because I believed I could and because I was given the tools to see beyond my flaws.

Every challenge I have overcome and every failure I have dusted off, I have because I believed I could. And I did because of #thepowerofmom

Do not underestimate the power you have to impact your child; what may seem so simple to you, may change their life forever.

So ladies, it’s my turn to challenge you to share a story about #thepowerofmom @janis.sarraf.tabet @asmas.corner @lamicejoujou @halacocoa @caleenskitchen
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