Dear Expecting Mother

Dear Expecting Mother

Dear Expecting Mother,

I know how nervous and excited you must feel. I know you have so many questions and I’m sure you wonder, like I did, if you’ll be up to the challenge.

I want you to know that your little babe will fill your heart with a love you never knew existed and bring you so much light. Maybe not at first, you may even have very dark days at first, but one day, I promise you, your little babe will look up, not so little anymore, and smile at you, and you will look back at the moments that have passed and know that some how, some way, you made it. No. You didn’t just make it; You took that challenge and you flew! It’s magic, I promise.

Just hold on tight, your light is coming!

Mamas, what’s your advise for all the expecting ladies? Comment below!

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